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Control the production progress online

The Tech2select Tracking service offers a practical way to be informed about the production progress online. Your suppliers give you the information per Tech2select portal. So you can trace parts and components from the order to the logistic very easily. At the end of the tracking you can do the acceptance online.

With this tracking tool  you have a good overview on all ongoing orders. If there is a production or delivering problem, you get an alarm. After finishing you transfer the tracking information including an activitity logfile into an archive.

The Tracking service is easy to use. With pictures your supplier can complete the online documentation. If you are doing international business, the tracking service supports you multilingual. If you are working in english, your buyers can read it in german and turkish.

The Tracking Tool offers an array of features:

• Role based user interface for buyers and suppliers
• Clearly represented management tool for ongoing orders
• Overview for the production progress
• Activity log for each tracking service
• Translation for all standard texts in three languages
• Reporting function per E-Mail
• Printing function, PDFs possible
• Archival storage


Using it for one order: € 30
Package for using the Tracking service for 1000 times: € 3000 (1 Use € 3,--)

For starting the tracking service, register now.
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