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Registration and Purchasing Tech2select Products

Here you learn everthing about a registration at the Tech2select platform: the process of registration, unlocking your account, purchasing products, billing and payment.   

How does the registration at Tech2select work?

 The free registration as a buyer and/or supplier at Tech2select takes just 2 short steps:
1. Fill out the registration form with your corporate data, your personal data and you access data.
2. After sending the form you will receiva a confirmation of registration to your scecified e-mail adress. For initial activation of your account use the link in the e-mail and log in with your username and password.

Now you already reside within you personal account and are able to use all free features ot the Tech2select platform.  

The link for initial activation of my account doesn't work! What now?

After registering with Tech2select you will receive an e-mail for initial activation of your account. In case the activationcode sent in this e-mail doesn't work, please use the 12-digit activationcode also sent in this e-mail. You will find the box to fill in the activationcode here. Simply enter your code here and your account will be activated. Now you can log in with your username and password.   

Can I sign up with one account as a buyer AND as a supplier?

Yes. At Tech2select you can act as a buyer and as a supplier at the same time using the same account. Hence there is no seperate registration required.  

I didn't receive a confimation e-mail for initial activation of my account! What now?

To make sure the e-mail adress you entered during the registration process is correct, you receive an e-mail for initial activation of your account. In case you don't receive this e-mail after a few minutes, this can be caused by the following reasons:

1. Your mailbox is full and you can not receive further messages
2. The message landed in the spam filter of your mailbox
3. The e-mail adress declared in the registration form is incorrect.

In any case, please send us an e-mail with a request for re-delivery. We will help you immediately.  

How to purchase a Tech2select product?

To learn more about all Tech2select products please visit the respective product information pages at Buyer's Products and Supplier's Products. Purchasing products takes 3 short steps:
1. Add the desired product to the shopping cart. In the cart you can choose your designated subscription (either 6 or 12 month subscription possible). This way you can add further products to the shopping cart.
2. When you filled your shopping cart with all your desired products go one step further by clicking the button "payment". Here you enter your credit card information.
3. After finalizing your payment you will receive an order confirmation and your invoice via e-mail. For initial activation of your purchased products please use the link in the e-mail and log in with your username and password.
Now you can start using your purchased products!  

Can I purchase a Tech2select-product without a prior registration?

Yes. You can start to buy a product even without a prior registration. The required data for registering you as a Tech2select customer are retrieved during the purchasing process automatically.  

Will I receive an invoice for my purchased products?

Yes. After the purchase, you can directly print your invoice and receive your invoice via e-mail also.  

What payment methods are accepted at Tech2select?

 Tech2select accepts Visa and MasterCard Back  
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