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The way to your powerful company profile 

For an effective matching, the following production and manufacturing data are necessary:

... a turning part is not a turning part?

We want to match you with fitting buyers. Therefore Tech2select is working with the technical terms, that describe your manufacturing possibilities very detailed and in a machine-readable form. So buyers will find you very quickly.
Each production is individual. And an automating turning with a diameter of 0,5 mm is an other world than working with a carussel maching, that can manufacture a turning part with 1 m.

So, these are data we need: 

  Information Example
Branch Mechanical Engineering, Plant Industry, Automotive Industrie 
Parts and components Turning parts, gears, milling parts, welding constructions
Possible batch    1-500 pieces
Material Aluminium, Steel, Plastic
Manufacturing process Turning, Carussel turning, Milling
Production machine Carussel turning machine
Diameter 500 -1000 mm

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