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Technical supplier sourcing

Combining the production and facility data of the suppliers combined with technical search engines speeds up sourcing activities. For finding new manufacturers, but also for working with fixed suppliers.

Because it`s impossible to have all the manufacturing possibilities of your suppliers in your mind, Tech2select is the right collaboration tool for the supply chain.
Sourcing and getting quotes

You wil find the detailed production data of about 7.500 suppliers on this industry-portal. These companies are located in Europe and China.

With the information about the production facilities, you can source flexible. And: more information can be analyzed quicker: you speed up supplier sourcing.

As a Basic-buyer you benefit by search functions for a technical precise suppliers selection.
By entering material, processes, dimensions and machines you will find fitting suppliers for your part.

You invite appropriated suppliers to quote with an easy click.

Optional you can post inquiries on the market place, where your inquiry can be seen by additional suppliers.

Professional for the Profi

With the profi version you optimize your individual suppliers network. You can sign interesting suppliers. So you speed up your purchasing activities, finPding interesting production potentials among your well-known subcontractors.

After sourcing you will benefit by the following profi-advantages:
Pretend the invited suppliers standards for the quote - so you will get graphs for the prices.

For sensible inquiries you can call for a Non Disclosure Agreement - so drawings are only visible, if the NDA has been signed online.

Sign interesting suppliers. So you will find them again very quickly. You can also add some individual notes per supplier.

Suppliers inform you about the production and delivery status online.

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