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Industry-Portal for parts & components

Tech2select is your network specifically designed for drawing parts. On the industry-portal you are connect with buyers and suppliers optimally applicable to your requirements. Regionally and globally. Lots of Tech2select buyers and suppliers are dealing in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive industry, medical engineering and environment engineering. 

The portal offers you a technically optimal selection of suppliers due to the specialized data base for drawing parts. Tech2select extends additional value to its customers by providing a multilingual platform and applying innovative technologies to guarantee the most suitable matching solutions. Buyers and suppliers using the Tech2select platform benefit from a sophisticated evaluation system which enables the user to gain essential knowledge about a potential business partner prior to their business transaction.

On Tech2select you benefit by tools for supplier sourcing, quoting and tracking of the production progress.

Companies Directory for the suppling industry
Lathe, mill & bending parts, castings, welding supplies, gear parts & Co.

At the moment you will find suppliers especially from Europe and Asia on the Tech2select directory. They work on metal, plastics and wood. You can sort them very easily by about 400 processes:

- turning
- milling
- welding
- gear cutting
- surface treatment
- grinding
- and so on


Tech2select is your network specifically designed for drawing parts. On our platform we connect you with buyers and suppliers optimally fitting to your requirements - regionally and globally.
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