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Upload your logo on the logo wall,
advertise and fund a technology start-up

You want to reach the decision makers of the industry? Regional or international? In english or german. And you want to support a technology start-up. 

Then you are right here, because: 

Tech2select is a specialized industry portal -
technical exact with service and marketing  tools

We are working on 1 Million visitors for the next three years. You will find a clip of our logo wall on each portal site, on the bottom near the imprint. Additional we will advertise the so called "Industry online" professional, to get high viewer numbers there, too.
With placing your ad you will also profit by an advertising package, which include public relation and social media activities. And we want you to get one more information: with your logo on Tech2select you will give us support to develope on our industry portal, to become a global network.

With your logo on the logo wall "industry online" you will profit by the following services:
Your logo will be online for 3 years
1 company profile in german, english and turkish on Tech2select
8 backlinks
1 press report in german or english on 60 online PR channels (for ads with more than 2.500 pixel)
1 report to 150.000 decision makers in the industry 
1 social media input shared on the Tech2select twitter and facebook channels


Size and price
You can flexible choose a size depending on two criterias: it must be possible on the advertising wall and the minimum size is 10x10 Pixel.

1 Pixel costs 1 € (excluding taxes). So, if you want  to book 30x100 Pixel, your ad will cost € 3.000,--.

To upload your logo is very easy:
1. Register.
2. Login - click on the the menu item "Logo on the ads wall" (tool box).
3. Click on "add your logo" and enter the needed information: dimension of the logo in pixel, URL for the link and the description for the tooltip.
4. Then upload your logo. You can publish it, as soon as you have done the online payment.

Attention: the dimension of your logo must be the same as the pixel you have chosen. For any question, don´t hesitate to call us +43 / 732 / 860 840.

Make your request here:

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